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Website Designer

Hire Web Designers with Decades of Experience

Is the revival of your business’s presence in your cards? Get hold of professional website designers with a passion for designing exclusive websites for projects by using the latest trends and technologies for superb results.

Website Designer

Explore Affordable Web Design Packages at Plus Promotions!

Starting price £ 30-40 per hour

An Overview of Web Designing in the UK

Web designing is all about playing with the aesthetics of a website to make it look more attractive. In other words, it’s all about tweaking the user experience instead of developing software.

Who Do We Call a Professional Website Designer?

We define a specialised web designer as someone who works on the layout, appearance and content of a site to ensure pleasing aesthetics, ease of use and embody the aura of the brand. The aim of the person in charge of rendering them is to win over the confidence of the target audience and eliminate the scope of user frustration. From customising web design and working on its responsiveness to engaging the audience with an effective eCommerce store design and designing email templates, a modern website design specialist plays all the roles in heightening brand awareness.

Promised below are the skills of our best webpage designers:

  • Aware of basic UX design, including storyboards, wireframes, etc
  • Well versed in web fundamentals like CSS, JavaScript and HTML
  • Strong communication skills to collaborate with content writers, developers, graphic designers and others
  • Knowledgeable enough in UI design to create great layouts, call-to-action-buttons and dropdown menus
  • Familiar with CMS platforms like Squarespace, WordPress and Joomla

Responsibilities Shouldered by Our Designers of Websites

Plus Promotions is, without an ounce of doubt, one of those renowned web design companies in the UK, where experts translate the remarkable brand identity into graphic elements to breathe life into a project. Enclosed below are how the team working at our organisation handle web design projects:

  • Customises themes to meet the specifications and expectations set by the client
  • Designs the entire website by moving from one phase to another through mock-ups to wireframes and clickable prototypes
  • Ensures mobile access by working on the responsiveness of the design
  • Making adjustments to web designs for more conversion and sales. Fixing issues identified during user testing is also included
  • Conducting routine maintenance of a site’s design and plugins
  • Create assets like landing pages, banners and miscellaneous design elements
  • Coordinating with back-end developers to integrate the web with app logic
  • Improve speed and scalability by optimising the site

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