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Wix Developers

Wix Website Specialists are the Masterminds Behind the Most Flourishing Brands. Hire them from Plus Promotions!

Be it a big project or a small task, be assured of timely delivery by our Wix website developers and website design specialists. We have a proven track record of sculpting beautiful ones by leveraging the platform’s capabilities. Yours would be no different yet one-of-a-kind!

Wix Developers

An Ideal Hiring Model to Make the Most of the Resources Available & Meet Your Requirements for a Wix Website

We offer our clients the privilege to select a suitable hiring model. Feel free to engage our Wix-certified experts full-time, part-time or hourly basis and build a pro-level CMS website.

Starting price £ 30-40 per hour

What is Wix?

Wix is a user-friendly website builder with drag-and-drop features that accelerates the web development process. Enriched with 500+ pre-designed Wix website templates, it allows businesses with the creative freedom to shape up custom websites of their dreams. According to 2022 statistics, the platform enjoys approximately 367, 024 premium users. The scalability, beginner-friendliness and the fact that it is ideal for all online businesses are why it is so popular.

Who is a Wix Specialist?

A Wix specialist is someone who enjoys expertise in using the Wix web development platform to take businesses online real quick. Not only does the individual create a responsive website that is compatible with desktops, mobiles and tablets but storefronts for clients interested in selling online through e-commerce websites.

Plus Promotions is a Wix website design agency hosting a team of certified experts who offer design and development solutions to create advanced Wix websites, provide custom web solutions and deliver powerful web applications.

The typical skill sets of a Wix-certified expert are listed below:

  • In-depth understanding of CSS, HTML and JavaScript
  • Well-versed in Wix website hosting to handle requests like forwarding domains and configuring profiles better
  • Familiar with libraries and frameworks and the difference between the two for adding extra capabilities to Wix products
  • Knowledge of extended database capability and the way it should be built and delivered
  • Highly experienced in project management to render a well-optimised Wix web design that fulfils client’s needs

Job Responsibilities of a Wix Website Design and Development Specialist

At Plus Promotions, we offer Wix website solutions to serve bespoke needs besides the standard requirements. By engaging a team of specialised Wix website builders in the UK, we cover a wide range of solutions starting from theme installation, Wix migration, module development and custom development to template customisation and enterprise development. Expect only prime outputs and a passion that encourages us to cross leaps and bounds to render them.

Take a glance at the responsibilities shouldered by Wix certified experts representing Plus Promotions – the Wix website design agency in the UK:

  • Customise Wix website templates by tweaking HTML codes
  • Review Wix website templates to narrow down to the most suitable one
  • Help set up an online store on the Wix e-commerce platform, add a shopping cart and payment mechanism
  • Thoroughly utilise the Wix platform to create external-facing websites and keep in mind employee and customer requirements, develop internal-facing intranets
  • Eliminate programmatic errors for seamless coordination between front and back-end information
  • Prepare top-quality Wix templates of standard designs to match the expectations of companies and their web projects
  • Extend the capabilities of Wix apps by embedding HTML, JavaScript and CSS as per requirements

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